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A Few Words

About Director

Abhishek Garg is having an experience of around two decades in the field of Medical and Healthcare Industry, his career has been a constant source of professional satisfaction and a great learning experience.

He has always endeavoured to work with dedication, hard work , honesty & confidence and have always been rewarded for his performance & work ethics

His objective is to constantly expand the horizons of his knowledge & experience and perform at a whole new level.

Abhishek Garg,
Why Choose Us

DHAAL Healthcare has very simple and clear objective

DHAAL Healthcare is established by well experienced professional working in the field of Medical Industry from past two decades. With the commitment to provide the best quality products, he has worked with utmost dedication and served hundreds of clients across the nation.

Understand the needs and expectations of our customers

Our Objectives

Understanding the needs and expectations
Excellent Customer Service
Reaching the Right Customers
Update of competitor activities
Reliable products/services
Dealing with Changes
Standing For

Our Commitment

Clear Objective and high values helps to understand the importance of any requirement, services & reliability of products.

At the same time high Values keep a individual/company busy to fulfil commitment, make full transparency and work actively to grow satisfactory.

Dhaal Healthcare is meant to overcome the problems users are facing related to Transparency, Quality, reliability, durability, after sales service and most importantly attitude.

Over 20 years we understood the importance of commitment, relationship, transparency, quality which is subjective in most of the case.

We Dhaal Healthcare has taken an oath not to defer with any of above values and with full of dedication, honesty we believe to develop long term relationship with end user & reseller/distributors.

Luck by chance plays an important role to make any Individual/company successful, but hard work is equally necessary to get recognition, reward & acceptance. Dhaal Healthcare will ensure to reach each and every customer and make them aware about best products and services in reasonable cost  and timely evaluate to correct the flaws and improve at its best.

Being a new and start-up company, we wish to have healthy and long term relations with channel partners in India and International who has given decades to the industry and make sure to provide best products and services to esteem end users and help Dhaal Healthcare to grow and achieve certain milestones in coming years.

Our Values

We believe consistency is key to building trust & We recognize that every decision impacts someone
Caring about the long-term well-being of our employees, customers & Suppliers
Openly communicating, actively listening and setting reasonable expectations to achieve the best possible outcome
We take ownership of our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possible
We take the initiative to make things happen
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