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PRODUCT TYPE: Radiation Protection
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Apron Stand
aprons_full-wrap 13
Apron Stand

Product Summary

Protection from different type of Radiations is very important to keep human body safe and healthy.

Key factors help to protect from Radiation

Time – Reducing the amount of time you are exposed can reduce health risk

Distance – The further you are from the radiation, the lower your health risks

Shielding – Different type of shielding can be used for protection from radiation
to help lower the risk of bring affected.

Protection from Gamma Radiation – A lead Apron serves as a protection
barrier to gamma radiation or several feet of concrete walls.

Other Variants :

  • Coat Type Frontal Protection
  • Skirt-Vest Apron
  • Thyroid Apron

Technical Specifications

Additional Details


  • Complete frontal and back protection
  • Padded shoulders for reduced shoulder stress and equitable distribution of weight
  • Adjustable in-built elastic belt for reduced back and shoulder stress
  • Full Wrap Apron offer maximum protection. These apron combine comfort
    with superior lumbar support which reduce fatigue and upper back stress.
  • Shoulder pads reduce shoulder stress
  • Pocket Included
  • Unisex size

Available in

Pb Free – Eco friendly apparel that replaces lead with a combination of
tungsten, bismuth and antimony.

Pb Premium – Replace a large part of lead with a combination of lead, antimony,
stabilizers and pigment

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