Skirt-Vest Apron

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PRODUCT TYPE: Radiation Protection
Apron Stand
Apron Stand

Product Summary

Protection from different type of Radiations is very important to keep human body safe and healthy.

Key factors help to protect from Radiation

Time – Reducing the amount of time you are exposed can reduce health risk

Distance – The further you are from the radiation, the lower your health risks

Shielding – Different type of shielding can be used for protection from radiation
to help lower the risk of bring affected.

Protection from Gamma Radiation – A lead Apron serves as a protection
barrier to gamma radiation or several feet of concrete walls.

Other Variants :

  • Coat Type Frontal Protection
  • Thyroid Apron
  • Full Wrap Apron

Technical Specifications

Additional Details


  • Complete frontal protection
  • Weight distribution between the shoulders and hips which eliminates stress on
    the upper and lower back.
  • Shoulder pads reduce shoulder stress
  • Pocket Included
  • Unisex size

Available in

Pb Free – Eco friendly apparel that replaces lead with a combination of
tungsten, bismuth and antimony.

Pb Premium – Replace a large part of lead with a combination of lead, antimony,
stabilizers and pigment

Pb Standard – Finely divided 100% pure lead metal particles, stabilizers and

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