Frontal Protection Lead Apron



Eco friendly apparel that replaces lead with combination of tungsten
bismuth amd antiomny.

Frontal Protection Lead Apron

  • Complete Frontal Protection
  • Pocket Included

Shoulder Pads Reduces Shoulder stress. A Frontal Protection Lead Apron is a type of radiation protection garment used in medical settings to shield the front of the body from exposure to ionizing radiation during procedures such as X-rays, fluoroscopic, or radiation therapy. Unlike traditional aprons, which are typically lined with lead to absorb radiation, lead-free aprons use alternative materials for protection.

Lead Equivalence Weight (kg)
0.50 mm pb 3.7
0.35 mm pb 2.9
0.25 mm pb 2.1



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A “Frontal Protection Lead Apron” typically refers to a lead apron used in medical settings for protection against radiation. These aprons are made with lead or lead-equivalent material and are worn by patients and healthcare providers during medical imaging procedures like X-rays, CT scans, or fluoroscopy.

The term “frontal protection” suggests that the apron provides shielding specifically to the front of the body, where the primary beam of radiation is directed during imaging. This helps to reduce radiation exposure to sensitive organs, such as the thyroid gland, chest area, and reproductive organs.

Lead aprons are an essential safety measure in radiology to ensure that patients and medical staff are protected from the potentially harmful effects of ionizing radiation. They are designed to be durable, comfortable to wear, and easy to clean to maintain hygiene standards in medical environments.

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    Highly recommended for anyone seeking a dependable lead apron for radiation protection in medical environments.

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