Studies about awareness on Radiation Protection in India

In India, medical professionals are generally aware of the significance of radiation protection, especially in the context of medical imaging and radiation therapy. There are regulations in place, such as the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) guidelines and the Indian Society of Radiographers and Technologists (ISRT) code of ethics, that aim to ensure the safe and responsible use of radiation in healthcare.

There is some statistical data available on the awareness of radiation protection among medical professionals in India. For example, a study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics in 2014 surveyed 150 radiation technologists from various hospitals and found that 77% were aware of the risks associated with radiation exposure, and 64% had received some form of training on radiation protection.

Another study published in the Journal of Medical Physics in 2016 surveyed 103 radiation oncologists from across India and found that 91% believed that radiation protection was important, and 87% reported following the AERB guidelines. However, the study also identified areas where improvements could be made, such as in the use of personal protective equipment and the implementation of dose monitoring and recording systems.

Overall, while there is room for improvement, it appears that medical professionals in India are generally aware of the importance of radiation protection and are taking steps to ensure the safe use of radiation in healthcare.

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