Lead Free Thyroid Apron



Eco friendly apparel that replaces lead with combination of tungsten
bismuth amd antiomny.

Lead Free Thyroid Apron


Complete Frontal Protection
Pocket Included
Shoulder Pads Reduces Shoulder stress.

Lead-free thyroid aprons are preferred by some individuals and healthcare facilities due to concerns about lead exposure. They provide an environmentally friendly and potentially safer alternative while still ensuring effective radiation protection. Like traditional lead-lined thyroid shields, lead-free aprons are available in various sizes and styles to accommodate different individuals and procedural needs.

Lead Equivalence Weight (kg)
0.50 mm pb 3.9
0.35 mm pb 3
0.25 mm pb 2.5



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A “thyroid protection apron” is a specialized type of lead apron used in medical settings to specifically shield the thyroid gland from radiation exposure during certain medical procedures, particularly imaging studies like X-rays, CT scans, and fluoroscopy. Here’s a review for a thyroid protection apron:

Review of Thyroid Protection Apron for Radiation Shielding

Product: Thyroid Protection Apron

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